Colin Hann and Pedro Páramo

Colin Hann and Pedro Páramo are co-authors of fun children’s stories. Their first series is about a group of chatty plants who live together in a flowerpot and get into trouble with different animals. You can see some of the characters on this page. They also have other series of children’s stories yet to publish: Naughty Monkey, a mischievous monkey that can’t stay out of trouble; Danny Duck, an adventurous duck who thinks he can do anything; Blue Kangaroo who is a very clumsy tourist and other stories like Grunge the Rubbish Monster.

The authors met some years ago. Both have lived in several European countries with friends of many different nationalities. Such friends often communicate in English which for most is a second language and some couples talk English at home even though for both, English is their second language. With this mutual background and a desire to write fun children’s stories, dual language books were an obvious choice. Pedro and Colin saw how making their stories available in several languages could help many individuals and families with language learning.