Bilingual Book in English and Japanese with Kanji: Frog – カエル

This day our chatty plants find themselves on the grassy bank of a village pond. It is a fine day. They chat about a large and strange animal that casts a huge dark shadow as it lumbers past. The plants decide to call the animal ‘Frog’ and we shall see why, but are they right? Let’s see how they put their idea to the test and what trouble that causes them!

The image is the book cover with an illustration of the mystery animal looking at the little flowerpot. The title and series title are as follows:Get it now !

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The bilingual story is presented twice. In the first part, the parallel Japanese text contains just hiragana and katakana characters. In the second part, simple Kanji characters are included which would typically be recognized by Japanese children in their third and fourth year of full time education. For ease of understanding, the languages are displayed together mostly one or two sentences at a time. The aim was to make the translation as direct as possible but always using everyday language of native speakers. Reading this fun bilingual story will help you learn Japanese.
Excerpt from the story:
Frog looked down at the plants in the little blue flowerpot.
“Me?” asked Frog. “I can’t jump.”
The plants thought that Frog must be shy; they all knew that frogs could jump.
植物たちはカエルがはずかしがっているのだと思いました。 なぜならかえるがとべることをみんなは知っていたからです。