Bilingual Tale in English and Spanish: Frog – Rana

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This illustrated story has been designed for bilingual children and others wishing to read a parallel text in English and Spanish. For ease of understanding, the languages are displayed together mostly one or two sentences at a time. The aim was to make translation as direct as possible but always using everyday language of native speakers.
Can you imagine what it is like to live in a flowerpot and confuse one animal with another? Our chatty little plants Basil,Rosemary and the sisters know all too well the problems and fun it causes.

Excerpt from the story —

Frog – Rana

The Pansy sisters lived in a blue flowerpot next to the village pond. They shared the pot with Basil, Rosemary and Frog.
Las hermanas Pensamiento vivían en una maceta azul cerca del estanque del pueblo. Compartían maceta con Albahaca, Romera y Rana.

At this moment, they were chatting in a lively manner about all the new happenings in the village. The Pansy sisters especially, liked a good gossip it helped to pass the time.
En este momento estaban charlando animadamente sobre los nuevos acontecimientos en el pueblo. A las hermanas Pensamiento, especialmente, les gustaba chismorrear porque ayudaba a pasar el tiempo.

This week’s favourite subject had been Frog. Frog was different. Frog was an animal.
El tema favorito de esta semana había sido Rana. Rana era diferente. Rana era un animal.

The sisters agreed that Frog was very big, for a frog. None of the plants knew “Frog’s” real name but it must be Frog because, when he was in the pond, all they could see were his big bulging eyes.
Las hermanas estuvieron de acuerdo, en que Rana era muy grande, para ser una rana. Ninguna de las plantas sabía el verdadero nombre de “Rana”, pero debía de ser Rana, porque cuando Rana estaba en el estanque lo único que podían ver eran sus grandes ojos saltones.

frog eyes big picture from frog - rana english spanish