Bilingual Books in English and French

Learn French Collection

ENFRfrg kdpBilingual Book in English and French: Frog – Grenouille Learn French series book 1

What would it be like to be stuck in a flowerpot? No school, no books and no television! How would you know what a hippopotamus looks like? Basil, Rosemary and the Pansy sisters think they know all about animals, but when it comes to hippos they know nothing and that gets them into big, big trouble.


GIRAFFE ENFR kdpBilingual Book in English and French: Pig – Cochon Learn French series book 2

Today our chatty little plants look across a quiet square in the centre of a small town. They look up at a large and very long animal. What can it be? They have never seen an animal like this before. It is very funny! The plants decide to call the animal ‘Pig’ and we shall see why, but are they right? Let’s find out who has the last laugh!


ELEPHANT ENFR kdpBilingual Book in English and French: Monkey – Singe Learn French series book 3

In this story, our chatty plants are on holiday. A wild land with lots of grassland and a very strange animal under their tree. The plants call the animal ‘Monkey’ and we shall see why, but are they right? Let’s see how they test the big strong animal and what disaster happens to our chatty plants.


MOUSE ENFR kdpBilingual Book in English and French: Mouse – Souris Learn French series book 4

Lucky plants. Our chatty friends are below a lovely shady apple tree. It is a beautiful summer day. They are arguing about an animal that lives under their apple tree. Why do the plants call this animal ‘Mouse’? There is something very strange about this ‘Mouse’. Have our chatty little friends made another big mistake?



CHAMELEON ENFRkdpBilingual Book in English and French: Chameleon – Caméléon Learn French series book 5

Today our chatty plants are at the zoo. They sit on a windowsill looking over a zebra crossing. There is lots to talk and laugh about. Then a big animal walks over the road towards them. The plants name the animal ‘Chameleon’. Can you guess why? Will they get into big trouble or have a lucky escape?


Dual Language Book  English French:

Naughty Monkey Helps Mr. Carpenter – Singe Filou aide M. Charpentier

Study French with Naughty Monkey – 1

Dual Language Book English French: Naughty Monkey Helps Mr. CarpenterThis illustrated story has been designed for bilingual children and others wishing to read a dual language text in French and English. This book is divided into four sections. In the first part, for ease of understanding the two languages are displayed together mostly one or two sentences at a time. Showing the languages together helps compare words and common expressions easily. The second part, the French only version, allows intermediate students to test their understanding. The third part is in English only and lastly a mobile friendly bilingual English – French version. Reading this fun bilingual story will help you learn French.