Bilingual Books

Our books so far are short illustrated children’s stories which we hope you find entertaining. The original stories have been translated into several languages and are available in many language combinations. Every effort was made to make the translations as direct as possible to the original story (which was written in English) while still using everyday language of native speakers. By using this type of translation, we hope to make it easier to compare languages. We aim to make these books available at affordable prices and to extend both the range of languages and stories.


Bilingual books are a great way to practice and develop a second language. Reading dual language texts makes it easy to see how to use unfamiliar words without constantly referring to a dictionary. Many words in every language have more than one meaning which can at times be confusing. For those words that do a require reference to a dictionary, some reading devices allow dictionaries to be associated with each language. We suggest you read these stories aloud to your children. For those studying a language alone we hope to produce audio versions to go with them.


Languages currently available with English books: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Basque and Polish.