Learn Spanish – Spanish for Kids – 6 Bilingual Stories in Spanish and English

Can you imagine what it is like to live in a flowerpot and confuse one animal with another? Our chatty little plants Basil, Rosemary and the sisters think they know some stuff, but when it comes to animals they know nothing. One wild idea leads to another and gets them into big trouble. This story is for children and others wanting to read a dual language text in English and Spanish with illustrations. Reading this fun  story will help you learn Spanish.
Reading a bilingual book for just ten minutes each day is a very efficient use of your time for improving your language skills.

6 Bilingual Stories in Spanish and English
The book is in two sections. In the first part, for ease of understanding the two languages are displayed together mostly one or two sentences at a time. Showing the languages together helps compare words and common expressions easily. The second part, the Spanish only version allows intermediate students to test their understanding. We hope you enjoy the stories.




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