Flowerpot and Animal Stories

If you have already read one of these stories, you will know that Basil, Rosemary and the Pansy sisters are chatty little plants that share a flowerpot. They think they know everything but this gets them into big trouble with animals. Here are some short extracts from each of these stories to whet your appetite.


Frog looked down at the plants in the little blue flowerpot.

“Me?” asked Frog. “I can’t jump.”

The plants thought that Frog must be shy; they all knew that frogs could jump.

“Jump!” shouted all the plants, “Jump! Jump!”

Frog frowned.

“Are you sure you want me to jump?”

“Jump! Jump!” shouted the plants excitedly.


The sisters agreed that Monkey was very strong, for a monkey. None of the plants knew Monkey’s real name, but it must be Monkey because he would curl his tail round branches.

“Monkeys can swing from trees by their tails,” the sisters told the other plants.

When Monkey curled his tail round a branch of the old oak tree, the whole tree shook. Monkey was so strong that, when he rubbed against the tree trunk, little birds flew out of the tree in fright.


The sisters agreed that Pig had very long legs, for a pig.

None of the plants knew “Pig’s” real name. But it must be Pig because he was greedy, smelly, and dirty.

A long way above the plants, at the top of Pig’s legs, there was a long tail.

Pig’s tail was white with orange marks and had black hair at the end. It looked like a giant paintbrush and waved around like a snake dancing to music.


They were still laughing when, all of a sudden, a big apple fell to the ground. Mouse was scared. He jumped out of the pot and started to run.

Another apple fell off the tree. Thud! Then two more, thud! Thud! And another.

“Oink! Oink!” cried Mouse.


The plants were talking about the road crossing when a big animal appeared. It came across the road towards the plants.

“What is that?” asked Basil.

“It is a big black and white animal,” said Rosemary.

“It is very boring,” said the Pansy sisters. “We have beautiful bright colours. That animal is just black and white and boring!”

“Animals are boring and smelly!” laughed Basil.

All the plants laughed. Animals were so boring.

“I can hardly see it,” said Rosemary, “It is black and white just like the road crossing. It must be a Chameleon!”


We also have published a free e-book, the “Life of Basil”, Bilingual book English – Spanish,  which tells how our little friend Basil came to live in the flowerpot with Rosemary and the Sisters. When we publish new stories, we will let you know about them in the website.